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Support: Conference Call Training Videos

Creating Conference Codes

You can create new conference call codes online within seconds. If you have more than one person in your company that uses conference calling, it's best to create a conference code for each of them and distribute them out.

Recording Conference Calls

Recording a conference call is simple with Toll Free Conference. By selecting 5* from the host's telephone phone, you'll enable call recording. Watch this video tour to learn more about the recording features available to you.

Online Conference Call Manager

Toll Free Conference provides conference call users with a feature to view and control your conference calls from the web-browser. This feature is free to use and helps you manage the call and your participants live.

Manage Question Answer Sessions

Use the conference call manager to watch and manage your conference call participants during a question and answer session and alleviate the need for an operator-assisted conference call to manage this portion of an event.

Conference Call Reporting

Toll Free Conference gives you conference call reports that detail all account usage. From high-level executive reports down to the most granular report identifying a single caller's join and leave time in a conference call.

Audio Broadcast Detection

The conference call manager identifies not only who on your conference call has the right to speak but also who is broadcasting sound into the conference. This is a great way to learn who is talking and who may need to be muted.

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