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Support: Audio Broadcast Detection

This video tour shows you how to see who is broadcasting on your call. You'll need to access your Conference Call Manager by logging in to your account. From the dashboard, select "Manage Call" in the main menu and choose the conference code you're using from the drop down menu.

The Conference Call Manager is a live, real-time view of your conference call. If you look closely at the Mute column, you will see the green sound waves coming from the speaker icon. This shows you which callers are talking and heard by everyone on the call. Just click on the speaker icon to mute a caller as needed.

Sometimes, an attendee may dial in from a computer with microphone and speakers. This can potentially cause reverb and echoing on a conference call or even worse, someone puts the call on hold from their company line and now you can hear the on-hold message blaring over the call. Here’s a great way to trouble shoot.

We suggest muting all your callers using 1* from your phone. If the noise subsides, you know it’s coming from one of your callers. Now, unmute the conference call again and look for the green sound waves. This will show you which callers are generating noise or feedback.

You can mute and unmute each caller one by one to learn which is disrupting the call then keep them muted. Knowing who’s doing what on your conference call can help you identify a troubled caller and address it immediately.

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