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Conference Call Phone Features

The most utilized conference call features have telephone keypad shortcuts. You can manage all your main conference call service features effortlessly with the keypad options to ensure you're always in control of the conferencing environment for each call.

Host Telephone Controls

1 star to mute and unmute conference call

Mute & Unmute Conference

Mute all conference attendees to avoid background noise and interruption from attendees who do not need to speak.

2 star to lock and unlock conference

Lock & Unlock Conference

For added security, the lock conference feature restricts access to your conference call once everyone has joined.

3 star to continue your conference call without the host

Continue Call Off/On

If you prefer the conference call end when you hang up, turn off call continuation with 3* from the telephone keypad.

4 star for conference attendee self-mute

Self-Mute Your Own Line

Attendees can mute and un-mute their line anytime during a call if the host has not already muted the entire conference.

5 star to enable free conference call recording

Start & Stop Recording

Turn conference recording on and off with 5*. The recording will end with the conference call or when the host toggles it off..

6 star to require names be announced

Require Name Announcement

Have conference call attendees announce themselves before joining your call by requesting they say their name.

7 star for conference attendee name roll call

Exit Tone On/Off

Turn on and off the exit tone announcement when attendees leave your conference.

8 star for conference call attendee count

Head Count

Identify how many callers are on your conference at a specific time. The head count results are reported only to the host.

9 star to turn off new attendee tone

New Entry Notice Off/On

Turn off and on the audio tone or attendee name annoucement when each caller joins.

78 star to end entire conference call

End Entire Conference

The host can use 78* to end the conference call when done.

Dialing Out (available by request)

host dials attendee


Select 67* to enter a telephone number and dial out to an attendee directly. Contact customer service for feature.

dial out success

Dial-Out Success

Once you have dialed and connected with your attendee, select 68* to get into the conference call.

cancel dial out

Dial-Out Cancel

If you are unable to reach your attendee by dialing out, select 69* to cancel and return to the conference call.

Attendee Features

4 star for conference attendee self-mute


Attendees can mute and un-mute their line only when the host has the entire conference call unmuted.

raise hand

Ask a

This puts a question mark icon next to an attendee in the Live Call Management.

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