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Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Facilitated Conferencing

For events that require a personal touch, Toll Free Conference offers operator-assisted conference calls with professional event staff to assist you with preparation, attendee greeting and data collection, live call management and post-conference follow-up. Our operator conferencing platform supports up to 6,000 conference call attendees.

The Operator-Assisted Conference Experience

These conference call operators are specially trained to facilitate your conference call every step of the way. Accessible from around the world, our operator-assisted conference call service offers a huge conferencing capacity for a scheduled event and is perfect for large, dial-in events like investor relations calls and press briefings or smaller calls like board meetings and legal proceedings where dial-out may be required.

Before Your Event

We'll put you in good hands right from the start. Your account will be handled by an account representative responsible for overseeing the development and scheduling of your conference call. We'll develop the greeting and introductions, determine if open participation or approved attendee list is needed and advise on the flow and structure of your call.

Before the conference call, your lead operator, host and other speakers will pre-conference to review final details, outline call flow and confirm introductions. Attendees are greeted by a professional, courteous welcome, asked to provide the requested participant information then brought into your conference.

During Your Event

The lead operator will remain on your conference call to provide the custom call and speaker introductions, ensure call quality during the conference and manage the Question and Answer or polling session near the end of your call if you would like to have one.

After Your Event

Once your event is completed, we'll prepare and send the attendee participant list for review and follow-up. Your conference call can be recorded live and used to create a post-conference dial-in access for those that couldn't make the live event, you can create a CD or setup a podcast feed with MP3 and have our transcription services create a written record for you.

Free Consultation

Request a free consultation to discuss your needs and learn more about our operator-assisted conference calls today. Based on the details covered, we'll provide a custom rate and service quote for consideration.

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