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Conferencing Glossary


Attendee Name Announcement

The attendee name announcement feature requires that each conference call attendee record their name before joining into their conference call. The name of each new attendee is announced as they join the conference call. Also see Roll Call.

Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing connects three or more callers together to communicate via an audio conference, typically in the form of a telephone conference call. Audio conferencing is synonymous with telephone conferencing, audio conferencing and conference calling but can include calls using Internet phone services like Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP).



Collaboration is the process of two or more individuals or organizations working together to achieve a common goal or goals through the sharing of knowledge, learning and exchange of information.

Conference Attendee Count

The conference call host can identify how many attendees are participating on their conference call at any time by selecting 8* from their phone. An audio message will play only to the conference call host identifying how many attendees are joined at that exact time.

Conference Bridge

The conference bridge (also referred to as a conference switch) is the hardware and software managed by telephone service providers to bring three or more participants together on a conference call. The conference bridge can be automated and reservationless or use the assistance of an operator for management and routing.

Conference Code

The conference code is a six digit number used to rout conference call attendees into a specific conference call. Callers will be requested to enter the conference code after connecting to the conference bridge using the conference dial-in number.

Conference Call

A conference call is a meeting via telephone that connects more than two parties on the same telephone call using a conference bridge and conference code. A conference call is also referred to as telephone conference, audio conferencing or teleconference and can have a range of features and conference capacity. Typically there is a reservationless or on-demand conference call service which is completely automated for attendees and host, or an operator-assisted conference call can be used for large events, customized welcome messages and attendee information collection.

Conference Call ID

A conference call ID is used for reporting and tracking conference call activity. It identifies specific conference calls, call details (date, time, number of participants, total number of minutes, etc.) and conference call recording.

Conference Call Preview

Conference call preview allows you to preview your record conference calls via MP3 file. You can listen to your recordings directly from the "Recordings" section of your account or by downloading the free conference call recording to your computer and using one of the many popular media players.

Conference Call Transcript

A conference call transcript is a text version of your conference call and represents everything said during your conference call. The conference call recording can be converted to text using a transcription service available from Toll Free Conference or a third-party of your choice.

Conference Calling

conference calling is the act of using a conference call service to connect multiple parties on a single conference call at the same time using a conference bridge service. Conference calling also referred to as: audio conferencing, telephone conferencing or teleconferencing.

Conference Call Recording

Record any of your conference calls using conference call recording. The conference call will begin recording when the host selects 5* from the telephone. Conference call recordings are converted to MP3 audio files for downloading and online playback.

Conference Call Continuation

Just in case the host has to leave the conference call early but would like it to continue for everyone, selecting 3*will allow the host to hang up their phone without ending the call for everyone else. This feature also works well when you're hosting a conference call from your cell phone or VOIP phone where an interruption in your service could occur.

Conference Management

Toll Free Conference provides online conference management (Conference Manager) to help conference call hosts manage their calls in real-time, using a web-browser. Hosts can use the Conference Manager to enable all conference calling features and run question and answer sessions with large attendee groups. For more details, see our Online Call Management.


Conferencing is the act of meeting with multiple parties using one or more forms of electronic communications systems such as telephone, computer or video conferencing service.

Conversation Mode

Conversation mode allows conference attendees to listen to and talk on a conference call. Conversation mode is the default setting and will allow up to 50 participants with talking rights. The host can mute or un-mute conference attendees anytime during a conference call and include a total conference participation of 300 attendees.


Dial-in Number

A conference dial-in number is the telephone number used to access the conference call service. In the case of Toll Free Conference, the conference dial-in number is toll-free for callers within the 50 United States and Canada. International conference call access is a toll-based, long-distance number.


Email Invite

An email invite or invitation is the electronic communication the host sends to request attendance on a conference call. In the case of Toll Free Conference, the invitation will need a minimum of, conference call dial-in number, 6 digit conference code along with the date and time.

End a Conference Call

To end your conference call, simply hang up your telephone as the host or select End My Conference from the Conference Manager. Note: If the host enables Conference Call Continuation, the call will end when the last caller hangs up.


Guest Speaker

A guest speaker is an attendee on your conference call that you would like to avoid muting. After connecting to a conference call like a normal attendee, a guest speaker must enter 88* and a special five-digit code provided by the host and found within your account details. Guest speakers are not muted when the host enables the mute all feature.


Host Code

A host code is the four-digit security code required to access our conference calling service. It ensures that only the host can establish and control a conference call, using all the conference calling features from the telephone and Conference Manager.


International Dial-In Access

An international dial-in number is provided for callers dialing in from outside the 50 United States and Canada. The host will incur the same per minute, per caller rate outlined in their conference plan but all international access will be considered long-distance by their local telephone service carrier.


Locking and Unlocking a Conference Call

The conference host can lock and unlock their conference call during the call by pressing 2* from the telephone or selecting Lock My Conference from the Conference Manager.



A moderator is the individual who maintains order and structure on a conference call or web meeting. A moderator is usually present on large-scale and operator-assisted conference call.


MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) is a compressed audio file with a manageable size that retains a great audio quality. Listeners can playback MP3 files from a computer using a popular media player, or digital music player.


The conference host can use the mute function to keep attendees from broadcasting during a conference call. An attendee can self-mute themselves by pressing 4* on their telephone. The host can also mute the entire call by selecting 1*.


New Attendee Tone

This is an audio chime that plays when a new attendee joins your conference call. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled by the host selecting 9* from their phone.


On-Demand Conference Calls

On-demand implies the host is not required to schedule a conference call in advance. The conference call service is available to host a conference call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without prior notice.

Operator-Assisted Conference Call

For clients interested in a more formal beginning to their conference calls, Toll Free Conference offers operator-assisted conferencing services. A conference call coordinator can manage the call - greeting your conference attendees, checking line quality, introducing specific callers of interest and then turning the call over to you. An operator-assisted conference is an opportunity to gather information at check-in for post-conference participant lists. Learn more about our operator-assisted conference call.


The organizer (or conference host or moderator) is the individual that's scheduled and begins a conference call or web conference.



A participant (also known as an attendee) is a person who attends is not the host or organizer but a caller on the conference call to participate or listen in.


A podcast is a recording of a non-music audio broadcast, for example; news, sports, presentations, discussions, etc. delivered in MP3 format. Listeners can playback podcasts on their computer or digital music player. Learn to podcast and record.


Podcasting is recording an audio file designed for distribution and playback online via RSS (Real Simple Syndication). For information on podcasting, visit our free conference call recording section.

Presentation Mode

Presentation mode is typically a listen only mode also known as lecture mode. This is generally used when a host is presenting material to a large group and communication is only one-way. For collaborative sessions with more attendee interaction, the host should use conversation mode. Also see question-and-answer mode for engaging large attendee groups.


Question-and-Answer (Q&A) Mode

Question-and-Answer Mode allows a conference call host to mute attendees but allow them to raise their hand notifying the host of a question by pressing 5* on their phone. The host can un-mute individual attendees with questions and allow them to speak and ask their question, then go back to being muted.


Reservationless Conference Call

reservationless means no scheduling, reservations or advanced notice is required by the conference call service in order to host a conference call. You have the flexibility to host a conference call 24/7/365.

Roll Call

Roll call replays the recorded names of your conference attendees when the Attendee Name Announcement feature has been enabled. A host can listen to the Roll Call by pressing 7* on the phone.



Conference call attendees can use the self-mute feature by hitting 4*on their phone anytime during a conference call. Attendees can un-mute themselves by repeating the action and selecting 4* again. (Note: this feature does not work when the host enables the Mute All feature.)

Start a Conference Call

Start a conference call by calling the conference dial-in, entering your 6-digit conference code, followed by your 4-digit host Code.


Talk and Listen Mode

Talk and listen mode allows participants to talk and listen during a conference call, otherwise known as Conversation Mode. You can have up to 50 participants at a time for Toll Free Conference in conversation mode. This mode is ideal for collaborative conference calls that require the exchange of information back and forth.


Teleconference is synonymous with telephone conference, conference call and audio conference, which is the service or system needed to connect three or more people on one call. Also see Conference Call.


Teleconferencing is the act of engaging in a conference call or teleconference whereby three or more callers are bridged together on a single conference call.

Telephone Conference

Telephone conference is synonymous with teleconference, conference call and audio conference, which connect three or more people on the same call. Also see Conference Call.


A teleseminar is a workshop or lecture presented via telephone. It is usually a one-way interaction from the presenter out to a large conference participant group.

Time Extension

The conference call service has a six-hour time limit added as a safety feature, but the host can initiate an optional time extension to continue the session when prompted by the service

Toll Call

A toll call is a long-distance telephone call that requires the caller pay long-distance rates as determined by their long-distance carrier. Long-distance rates are determined by each caller's long-distance service provider and specific calling plan but in many cases, national long-distance or cell phone plans will ensure the caller does not incur any fee.

Toll Conference Call

A toll conference call is a meeting via telephone that requires a long-distance call. It connects three or more parties on the same call using a conference code. Participants including the organizer may incur long-distance charges, which are determined by each caller's long-distance service provider. Also see Toll Call, Audio conferencing and Teleconferencing.

Toll-Free Call

A Toll-free call is free of charge, regardless of a caller's geographic location within the 50 United States or Canada. Toll-free service is typically identified by a telephone number with an area code of 800, 888, 866 or 877.

Toll-Free Conference Call

A toll-free conference call is a meeting via telephone that does not require a long-distance call or incur long-distance fees. It connects three or more parties on the same call using a toll-free conference dial-in number. Each participant dialing from within the 50 United States or Canada can call free of charge. The meeting host pays for all participation on the call through their conference call service.

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