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Conference Calling Features

Valuable Features Come Standard

Toll Free Conference includes many helpful features with its reservationless conference calling. For account administrators, these features provide greater control and ease-of-use through automation and design, insight through reporting and significantly cut down on normally time-consuming tasks. For regular conference call users, these features are key to successful conference calls and needed everyday.

Whether you're a corporate manager with 500 active users or a freelancer needing an occasional conference call, Toll Free Conference has developed the tools to make every part of your conference call experience richer.

Reservationless Conference Calls

Host a conference call whenever you need using our automated, always available conference calling service without ever needing to schedule a call in advance with up to 300 callers.

Organizer Telephone ControlsOrganizer Telephone Controls

Access the conference call features exclusively enabled for the host's phone. These features include mute conference, conference attendee dial-out, free conference call recording, online call management and much more.

Reporting & AdministrationReporting & Administration

Manage your conferencing users, call recordings, accounting and call detail reports from one easy online portal. Gain a better understanding of the company's monthly conferencing trends including information down to individual attendance.

Conference Call RecordingConference Call Recording

Record your conference call and distribute the audio file via podcast or MP3 download for easy meeting notes or transcription.

Conference Call ManagementConference Call Management

Use our online call management to view and control your conference call, identify and label conference call attendees and facilitate Q & A sessions.

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