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Conference Call Transcription Services

Toll Free Conference offers clients an easy solution to get their conference calls transcribed into a written record. Reservationless conference calls can be recorded to MP3 for free using our conference call recording services. Once the call recording has been posted, you can request a conference call transcription be made and sent to you electronically. This ensures there is never any ambiguity between the conference call participants about what was said. It's a great way to bring the people unable to join the call up to speed quickly. Conference calls also cut down on travel costs and overhead expenditure. Transcriptions of the conference calls, in written or MP3 format, can be distributed to employees, clients and potential clients.

Transcription Service Pricing

Conference Call Transcription

Toll Free Conference provides transcription services as a convenience to clients billed at $4 per minute in 15-minute increments. Our conference call transcription service provides a quality product that allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to your business calls. Conference calls, meetings, or interviews can be transferred to a word document quickly and accurately, and will be proofed by a professional editor.

Conference Call Transcription Timelines

It will take between 24 and 72 hours for your call to be transcribed. The turnaround time is dependent on the length of the call as well as the number of people who have been speaking. If you require a faster turnaround, we can certainly accommodate any needs that you have. Please contact us to inquire about pricing for rush services.

We ensure the quality of our transcription services by using United States based transcribers. We never outsource our conference call transcription services, so you know that you will always be getting the best, and most affordable, conference transcription available.

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