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Conference Call Recording

Record Your Conference Calls Free

You can record conference calls at no cost and turn this feature on and off from your phone or Conference Call Manager for any call. Recordings are posted to your Toll Free Conference account as an MP3 file for listening, downloading and online distribution.

Playback Your Conference Call

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All conference call recordings are posted online within your Toll Free Conference account. Our custom MP3 player is a convenient way for you to review, fast forward and rewind through your call right
from your web-browser.

Download & Store Recordings

Your conference call recording is created using a standard MP3 audio file format for flexible playing options and small file size making for easy download. Conference call recordings are stored online for 6 months free of charge. Longer term storage options are available but you'll need to consult your account representative for pricing.

Publicize and Podcast Easily

Distribute your conference recording via RSS feed as a podcast episode or series, or embed html code in your website to create our custom audio player in any page. We make it extremely simple to share your recordings with followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook too.

Extend Lead Generation

With Toll Free Conference, you can record a conference call or prepared audio presentation for service promotion and inbound lead generation. Simply create the conference call recording, make it Public in your account and send folks to the Recording Access Page.

Transcribe to Text

Have your conference call recording converted to text by our transcription service to maintain a written record of the event. We can help you with the transcription using our in-house service or bring it to any third-party service provider of your choosing.

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