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Conference Call Hosting Solutions

Manage Your Conference Call Online

View and control your conference calls live from a web-browser. Our web interface takes any guess work out of conference calling. Watch your attendees join your conference call, label callers by name and eliminate the complexity of Question and Answer sessions.

Live Call Management

The conference call manager gives you a unique perspective on your conference calls and allows you to view callers as they enter your conference and clearly identify whether they are muted or un-muted. If you want to change the speaking rights of an attendee, the change can be made with a click of your mouse.

The web interface displays the status of all your conference call features and let you know if they are on or off at a particular time during your call.

Question & Answer Sessions

When you are running a conference call in "Lecture Mode" where the host is broadcasting one way to a crowd of muted conference attendees, the conference call manager will assist in facilitating question and answer sessions. Muted conference call attendees are able to "raise a hand" informing the host that they are interested in asking a question. The host can manipulate each callers' speaking rights for complete control over the call.

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