Edit Your Default Conference Call Settings

by Conference Call Admin on December 20, 2011

Today we’ve released a subtle but very useful feature that allows administrators to adjust the default conference call settings.  You can set your conference call preferences and they’ll stay that way at the start of each call.

Included in these new options:

Name Announcement On / Off – decide if you’d prefer to require each participant record their name before joining the call.

Entry Tone On / Off – do you prefer to have silence when a new caller joins in?  Turn off the attendee entry tone feature.

Call Continuation On / Off – defaulted on for all you mobile users, if you’d prefer to have the entire conference call disconnect when you hang up, continuation can be defaulted off.

Conference Mode: Conversation / Lecture Style – decide if you prefer all your participants are able to speak (conversation) or that they be muted at the start (lecture style) of the conference call.

As a reminder, we’ve also set up 8 different hold music options to choose from.

Making these changes in your account is simple.  Just login to your account, click on My Account and then Account Summary from the sub-menu. You will see on the Account Summary page where to change Default Conference Settings and select Hold Music Options.

As always, you can change most of these settings on-the-fly from the dial pad and conference call manager too. We hope you find these enhancements useful.