Conference Calling Benefits For Consultants

by Conference Call Admin on March 16, 2011

As a business consultant, you are more than likely trying to keep your operating costs to a minimum. After all, you don’t have a travel and expense report to bill back to, and even if these costs can be written off on your taxes, this is still money out of your pocket. As a self-employed individual you are no doubt already savvy in the ways in which you can save money, however you also probably feel the need to meet with your clients quite regularly, especially if you feel at a disadvantage to their in house employees.

Have you considered reliable conference calling? While conference calling cannot completely take the place of in person meetings, and nor should they try, they can bridge the gap in between person to person meetings. It would not be good to simply drop off the face of the planet or communicate only by email in between those times when you can meet your client for a one on one meeting. Conference calls allow you to meet with your clients either simply by talking, or even by sharing your computer screen and giving a presentation, if some critical element in your plan has come to fruition.

Work from home business consultants also often do not want to give out their home telephone number, and a conference call line eliminates the problem neatly. Your clients will have access to your mobile phone number, conference number and email. As a client, that is really all that they need to have, and you avoid middle of the night panicked phone calls from those clients that might be wound just a little bit too tight.

It’s tough being a business consultant, but there are also many benefits. One of those benefits is being able to choose which providers and services you will work with. You are not locked into a corporate chosen service or provider, and are able to easily change if you are not pleased with the service.  Another benefit is the fact that you can for the most part make your own schedule. No longer do you have to plan to be available for conference calls after 5 PM or into the early evening.

Conference calling has many benefits for everyone from the sole proprietor to the largest of Fortune 500 corporations. As more and more people and businesses look for cost saving measures, conference calling is becoming one of the most used business tools around. If you haven’t already started using conference calling in your business tool portfolio, now is the time to do so. Make your life easier and your wallet a bit heavier.

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