Conference Call Dial-Out Feature Released

by Conference Call Admin on September 24, 2010

The easiest way to run a conference call really is to have everyone dial-in at an agreed upon date and time.  You won’t get a voicemail or interrupt another call, and folks usually block off the time as needed, but sometimes, getting that last important caller in the conference may require an outbound phone.  Now, you can do it right from the conference call service with our newest feature for Toll Free Conference.

Dial-Out Telephone Keypad Commands

67* – Initiate Conference Call Dial-Out
Select 67* as the conference call host to engage dial-out. and it will prompt you to enter the telephone number for the attendee you’d to call.

68* – Dial-Out Connected – Rejoin Now
Once you’re connected with the participant, bring them into the conference call by selecting 68*. The service will say: “you’re now being joined into the conference call.”

69*- Cancel Dial-Out – Rejoin Conference Call
If you’re unable to reach the attendee, select 69* to cancel the dial-out and return to the conference.  This feature is for times when you reach a voicemail instead of the person you intended to reach.

Conferencing Use Case – Legal Services

Conference call dial-out is a necessity in many legal conference calls involving a judge.   A judge usually insists on being called instead of dialing into a conference call.  While this can easily be done with an operator-assisted conference call service, many reservationless conferencing services don’t offer the ability to call out to conference participants.

Now with Toll Free Conferencing, you can put your best foot forward.  Have all other attendees dial-in as you usually would, and once everyone’s on your conference call, dial-out and bring in the judge.  This will cut down on the time spent, and as soon as you bring them on, everyone is already waiting and ready to begin.

Important Note:

Conference call dial-out is not immediately available for conferencing accounts.  You must request this feature be turned on for your account through our customer service group.  Just send us a quick, simple email from an account holder asking for the feature and we’ll set it up on your account in less than one business day.

Let us know what you think about the new addition and have a great conference call!

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