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Conference Call Tips: Speaking With Confidence

by Conference Call Admin on March 1, 2011

Part of being successful, is sounding successful, and this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most of us have to practice. On the bright side, all you need are some pretty simple hints and tips you can follow as well as …

9 Ways Freelancers Use Pay-Per-Use Conference Calls To Build Their Business

by Conference Call Admin on January 25, 2011

Freelancers have a unique situation and they need unique solutions. As a freelancer, you don’t have the luxury of large travel budgets or other departments with employees to handle each of the roles in your company. While you work with …

Brrrr, Icebreakers That Work

by Conference Call Admin on January 21, 2011

So you’ve got a meeting via conference call scheduled, and some or all of the participants are going to be perfect strangers. How on earth are you going to get them all excited, talking and get the creative juices flowing? …

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Sales With Conference Calling Services

by Conference Call Admin on January 20, 2011

Many people often think of conference calling services as being a service for meetings only, but a service like this can do so much more, including increase your sales! Best of all, a conference call service is fast, quick, easy-to-use, …

Conference Call Service Etiquette: Are You a Conference Call Klutz?

by Conference Call Admin on November 18, 2010

Here’s a short list of conferencing etiquette tips and a few no-nos to avoid.  Be sure you’re the epitome of proper conference call etiquette:

There are several basic rules of etiquette for using a conference call service:

• Be sure …

3 Ways to Add a Special Touch to Your Toll Free Teleconferencing Services

by Conference Call Admin on November 14, 2010

Toll free teleconferencing services are a great way to communicate with others, but they can be much more than just a communication method. You can use them to leave a long lasting and positive impression on others.

Use Operated-Assisted Toll

Steps for a Productive Conference Call – Part 1

by Conference Call Admin on October 4, 2010

Getting More from Conference Calling

Conference calls can be tough to keep on track. They have a habit of getting too bland or too conversational and can easily eat up large amounts of time. This is far from ideal or …