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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conference Calls Made Easy

If you're looking solely for audio conferencing services or want to replace the audio conference portion of your web conferencing service, Toll Free Conference has a solution for you. We focus exclusively on audio conferencing and integrate with popular web conferencing solutions like Webex™ and GoToMeeting™. Don't overpay for toll-free audio conferencing or use an inferior service. Most of your conferencing is audio only, so why not use a dedicated service?

The foundation of remote meetings is quality audio conferencing. Users will deal with a hiccup in their video conferencing, a small lag in their web conferencing's slide transition but never an interruption or degradation in audio conferencing.

Anytime Audio Conferencing - No Reservations Needed

Our reservationless conference call service is easy and intuitive for callers and available anytime to use without advanced scheduling or reserving a time with us. Participants will use a toll-free access number and six-digit conference code for automated audio conferencing.

Anytime audio conferencing features include:

Operator-Assisted Conference Events

When a personal touch or human interaction is necessary, Toll Free Conference offers operator-assisted audio conferencing services with trained event specialists. With operator-assistance, your call is handled from start to finish by our event staff bringing years of experience to your conference call.

Clients choose an operator-assisted conference call over our automated audio conferencing when events are especially important, viewed as high-profile or require extremely large participant numbers. Most investor relations calls and media announcement events are handled with operator-assisted conference call. Any event with attendee registration and confirmation or data collection is needed prior to joining the call will best be handled by live operators welcoming your attendees.

When attendees need to be called directly and brought into the audio conference, an operator-assisted call will help to deal with this added level of complexity. In many litigation calls involving a judge, for example, they usually require that all parties be on the call before the judge is dialed directly and brought into the call. In this case, an operator's assistance is going to be essential to a successfull call and making the best impression.

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