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Publicize Online And Podcast Easily

Are you running a business with remote employees? No doubt you need to get them together regularly to brainstorm, work together or just chatter to build best practices for your business. Conference calling is the best way to do that in today's world of telecommuting. With the ability to create an mp3 of your conference call audio and receive transcriptions, Toll Free Conference makes it extremely easy to make sure that your staff stays in the loop even if they are not able to make it to every conference call.

Having an mp3 that can be turned into a Podcast is an effective tool allowing your staff to play back the meeting. This is crucial in meetings where there are a lot of details that just can't be overlooked. And taking notes just does not cut it all of the time. For example, if you have a project that requires a list of tasks to be completed by various people, you will only have to explain yourself and your client's needs once. Your staff will have access to the mp3 and can listen to it on their way to the office in order to remind themselves of the tasks that they need to complete. Or if you were discussing important strategy that you need to present to a client, your employees can listen to the mp3 or Podcast anytime they need a refresher on what direction your strategy is taking.

Transcription allows you to have every word that occurred during your conference call put in writing. This is an optimal way to avoid confusion over task assignment and responsibilities. You will not have to repeat yourself and you have written proof of everything that was said during the call. You hope that this is never needed, but should you have a call with clients, this might come in handy should they change their wishes, and you need to back up that the work is not in scope.

Are you having a Shareholder or Earnings conference call? Often people that are interested, your shareholders, will be unable to attend but do want to know what is going on. A podcast is a great way for you to record and publish your call so that your stake and shareholders can listen to the call at their convenience, whether on the road, at home or at work.

Having the ability to publicize online is also effective for those informative conference calls that you have for potential clients. Your potential clients will appreciate the time that you took to offer them incredible value by allowing them to have access to the information provided during the conference call after the call takes place.

Make sure that you let people who might be interested know that your conference call recording will be available online and that they can download it at their convenience and listen to your conference call to make sure that they are in the loop at all times with all the most important information.

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