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Conferencing Systems Provide Benefits In Education

Conference calling doesn’t just have a place in the business world. You can use conference calling to enhance the educational experience as well. With distance and online learning becoming more common, conference calls can easily become another tool that students, faculty and higher education institutions can embrace. Many scenarios can be used to show how conference calling can be beneficial in a university setting.

  1. Faculty meetings: It is difficult to find a time where all of the faculty of one given department can meet to discuss important issues without infringing on the precious little free time that they have. Having faculty meetings via conference calls means that it doesn’t matter where the faculty member is located, as the only thing that they only need is a phone. If they are unable to make the meeting, they can listen to the mp3 or read the transcript. Once they have been able to become acquainted with the substance of the conversation they can voice any questions or concerns to the Dean of the department.
  2. Student organization meetings: As with faculty meetings, not all of the student population has the same schedule. Student organizations give students a chance to use their newfound skills and embrace the university lifestyle. Using a conference call for their organizations meeting, or allowing people to dial in from a remote location will keep the students up to date with what is going on in the student population.
  3. Study groups: Conference calls offer students to get together to study for exams without leaving the comfort of their dorm room. Students can even record the call so that they can make sure they don’t miss anything.
  4. Student polling: Having a series of small conference calls to poll the students about aspects of campus life can yield useful information for university administrators. They will hear directly from the students about the pros and cons, according to students, and it will also allow the students to voice their concerns anonymously.
  5. Teacher evaluation: Using conference calls to evaluate a Professor’s performance will tell the evaluators of the Professor’s department a great deal. Faculty evaluations will show the strengths and weaknesses of the staff, and allow administrators to make improvements where necessary.

The uses for conference calls in a university setting are endless. From helping students get better grades and embrace their organizations to faculty meetings and evaluations, the uses are varied. Finding a company that you trust to handle your conference call services is paramount.

Be picky about the company you choose. Make a well-informed decision based on sound information about the conferencing call company, what they have to offer and how much they charge. Pay attention to the hidden fees and ask a sales agent any and all questions that you may have. In the end, feel confident with the service you chose to do business with as you want them to be able to help you make life easier, not harder.

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